How to Create An Accounts Receivable Roll Forward in QuickBooks

The Accounts receivable roll forward report is a key component of any collateral review or field exam.  Asset based lenders use the roll forward to better understand their borrowers billing cycles.

This one minute video shows the steps on your screen if you prefer visuals.

Here are the steps to create an Accounts Receivable roll forward using Quickbooks accounting software:

1) Navigate to to the “Reports” drop down menu on the top menu bar.

2) Select the “Company & Financials” menu item.

3) Next select “Balance Sheet Summary”.

4) The report will appear in a new window.

5) Now double click the Accounts Receivable amount.

6) Next select the requested date range.  Typically this will be a 12 month period.

7) At the top of the report select the “Excel” option and then select “Create New Worksheet.

8) You will then get a pop up that will have several options.  Choose “Create a comma separated values (.csv) file”.

9) Save the file with a name like “Company Name AR Rollforward”.