Collateral Assessment

For lower risk Borrowers with minimal or no Inventory Reliance and for smaller loans, ABLS has designed a Collateral Assessment.  This limited collateral evaluation consists of Accounts Receivable trends and testing, Gross & Net Availability, Accounts Payable trends, and Performance Measurements (A/R, Borrowing Base, and Loan turnovers).  The collateral Assessment results in a concise report that includes summary comments key Asset Based Lending statistics, along with tables and graphs of A/R, Borrowing Base, and A/P.  The Collateral Assessment is performed at the ABLS office and relies on receiving information from our Clients’ Borrowers through a secure electronic portal.  Once ABLS has received the information requested, the completed report is remitted to our Client, usually within 2 to 4 business days.

The ABLS Collateral Assessment complements the existing ABLS Field Exam platform, can be tailored for your unique Borrowers, and provides a lower cost alternative for your lower risk Borrowers.

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